As if a diamond had a heart

There are many first-class properties on the island of Mallorca. But like a diamond, what counts at the end is not the weight, but its flawlessness and brilliance. And Roof is one such gem.

The island

Mallorca is a true Mediterranean paradise. The largest Balearic island has many facets: the rugged mountains in the north, lively beaches in the west, an unspoilt inland, large marinas and small fishing ports along the coastline. Its capital Palma is the heart of this multifaceted island, which is just a few hours by plane from all European metropolises.

Roof, an exclusive property with five apartments, is being built just a few minutes from Palma in Cas Català, one of the most privileged locations on Mallorca. Residents of Roof will enjoy unique, unobstructed views across the Bay of Palma as far as the horizon.

Stars of the sea

The fishermen who live in the tiny coastline villages still sail out to sea every day, as they have done for centuries, despite the fact that they are only separated from a thriving hub of tourism by just a few kilometres. The opposite poles of traditional and modern Mallorca are evident in many places. Puerto Portals, home to the international jet set, contrasts starkly with the almost untouched coves along the coastline and the architectural remnants from the Roman age in Alcúdia. Mallorca is an incredibly multifaceted island.

Unique locations such as Cas Català have evolved into exclusive and paradisiacal places. Despite Cas Catalá’s tranquillity, residents enjoy the many attractions of the nearby capital city of Palma, which is practically on their doorstep. The Royal Bendinat Golf Course and Port Calanova, the yacht marina, are also nearby.

Cas Català

The villas and exclusive residential properties in Cas Català nestle in the verdant hillsides, facing towards the ocean with the foothills of the majestic Tramuntana mountains as a backdrop. Although Cas Català is officially part of Calvià, it is so close to Palma that it could easily belong to the capital city. There is no other place on the island where sleepy tranquillity and vibrant city life virtually co-exist. These special qualities are the reason why Cas Català is one of Mallorca’s most coveted locations. And why it is the only possible place to realise a project as unique as Roof.

Where The mountains
meet the sea

While the island still sleeps the ocean follows its eternal rhythm. The sound of the waves breaking is interrupted only by the cries of the seagulls as they set off towards the horizon. Here, at the ocean side, you feel an incredible sense of freedom as the crested waves caress the sand and the sun peeks over the horizon, casting a soft glow across the landscape. For that split second the world holds its breath.

Roof residents can enjoy this beautiful natural phenomenon every morning. The coast is just a few minutes’ walk away and all the apartments and verandas provide a view across the Bay of Palma.

The property

The essence of
an island

Roof pays homage to Mallorca. The elegant architecture and the garden landscape both reflect the essence of the island. Wooden pergolas traverse the verandas, greenery climbs up the street-side façade and natural stone walls enclose the property. The highest quality of design standards is evident in every single detail of the property.

The split-level garden has an infinity pool on both the upper and the lower level. The verandas offer a panoramic view of the ocean that can hardly be put into words. It simply has to be experienced.


One of a kind

The simple principle behind achieving the highest quality is that no detail is too small. Genuinely unique properties can only be created if every single aspect of them is out of the ordinary. Roof was designed according to this principle. It reveals itself in the obvious places, yet is the epitome of discretion. Sustainable design, combined with the highest standards of craftsmanship, have created an object of lasting value.

The apartment layouts also express the ambitious quality aspirations of this development. Private rooms are intelligently separated from the public living areas with views of the bay through their panorama windows that transform the apartments into front row seats during picturesque sunsets.

Ground plans

No limits

Roof’s intelligent layouts ensure exclusivity at its most beautiful.

See example layouts

As I glide effortlessly through the water the sun guides me back to the surface. I feel liberated and weightless. Feelings that apply to my entire life on this island. There are new things to discover day after day. I wonder what today holds in store.


Domus Vivendi Roof GmbH & Co. KG, Sucursal en España

Carrer Illes Canàries 18
Polígono Industrial Son Bugadelles
07183 Santa Ponsa – Calvià
España – Illes Balear
Tel.: +34 971 695 710
Fax: +34 971 695 461

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